Litter-picking fundraiser for Tearfund

Climate Change is having a huge impact around the world. Ethiopia is seeing its rainfall decrease dramatically because of climate change causing places to become more desert like, forcing women and children to walk for hours each day to collect water for their families. This means that they are missing out on education and work, leaving them in poverty.

However, Tearfund is working with local partners to install solar powered wells to increase peoples access to clean water and help them adapt to the really tough conditions they have been forced in. Tearfund’s work also involves teaching sustainable farming techniques so that people can continue to make a living despite the extreme whether, and much more.

We are doing 24 litter picks in March to raise money for Tearfund. If you would like to donate, our just giving page is

You can also follow us on Instagram @creation.matters where we will be posting our litter pick findings and other information about climate change. Thanks so much for your support!

Christine Meyer