All you need is Love

Messy Church 21st February 2021

Hello to all our Messy Church friends. This month’s Messy is all about LOVE!
Above are some very good thoughts about LOVE from some very young people.
What do you think about LOVE?
Whatever you think, LOVE is a very powerful force. In my message below I’ll tell you about a LOVE story in the Bible where something really amazing happened just because one man loved one woman. What other amazing things can happen in our world if people acted on their LOVE for one another?

So now that you know what is possible with LOVE, who do you LOVE? God wants us to LOVE all people and to LOVE the whole world. Let’s give it a go!
Back in 2009, Starbucks got people from 156 countries (or 165 countries – I’m not sure) to sing the Beatles song, All you need is Love. Take a look at these lovely people. Maybe after you have watched this video you can look up on Google Maps to see how many of these countries you can find. As you find them, you might want to say a quick prayer for the beautiful people who live there.