Update – 22 March 2020

2,250 Habits practiced to date

22/03 2036    23 18 16 113 2,250

(Note that these were the last of the Habits collected prior to lockdown)

Heard from a friend I haven’t seen for many years who is now going through the most terrible time in his life.  Got a suitable card & wrote a very encouraging letter.  Hard to write but thought about how I would feel if I received such a letter and felt it was just right.  Purpose was to show love, support, compassion, caring & confidence for the future once this is over.

Community sharing offers of practical and emotional help during the current coronavirus pandemic.

Children enjoying the trip to visit Fraserburgh Lighthouse, the wonder of the sea, skies and children’s laughter & joy.  Thank you, God.

The wonder and beauty of a very large rainbow over a mountain on Deeside.

Having fun at Zumba event while raising cash for a good cause.

Learning more about Jesus as I read the Gospels as a Lenten devotion.

Preparing and sharing a meal with family.

Working in the garden alongside my teenage grandson who was making short work of tasks that I would have struggled to do myself.  I felt so blessed.

A busy café, old gentleman came in for a tea and a pancake.  Although the café was very busy the waitress told him to take a seat & she’d take the tray across to him.  He was blessed with the kindness of a young waitress. Invited relatives round for dinner and we spoke about how blessed we are to be in good health and all surviving.  Blessed because I am one of eight children and love all my brothers and sister dearly.  I am truly blessed.