Christian Aid Week 10-17 May

This year’s Christian Aid week was due to run from 10-17 May, but of course under the present “lockdown” it will impossible to run the usual house to house collection that is usually so well supported by the community of Kintore.

Covid 19 is likely to have a major impact on countries and communities that are already poor, as indeed we have already witnessed in the UK. So bearing this in mind, if you would like to make your usual generous donation to Christian Aid this year, you can do so in two ways.

You can log onto the Christian Aid website ( and make a direct online donation.


You can place some money in an envelope and put it aside for the KIntore Christian Aid counting team to deal with at a later date, hopefully when social isolation eases and the “new normal”, whatever form it takes, resumes.

To make it more fun you could perhaps put aside what you would normally spend going out for coffee or to the cinema, or even having your hair cut! But any contribution would be most gratefully received.

Any queries, please contact Val Reid (

Thank you and God bless.