Catherine’s Epilepsy Scotland Challenge

Catherine’s Epilepsy Scotland Challenge

Today is my birthday and I’m asking friends and family that, instead of giving me cards or flowers, they make a donation to Epilepsy Scotland.

To donate: Click the “DONATE” button below and follow the few instructions.

Epilepsy Scotland helps people with epilepsy across Scotland as well as their families, carers, friends and colleagues with information ranging from how to give the right first aid and safety during a seizure to what to think about before going on holiday.  They give help, support and guidance to people over the phone or via email who are low in confidence to ask what they are worried about. Epilepsy Scotland are there to listen whether the person has just been diagnosed or has a specific question in mind or just wants to chat to someone over the phone. Epilepsy Scotland gives a voice to people who have epilepsy and to the epilepsy community as a whole.

Epilepsy Scotland can also help someone with epilepsy find the nearest support group to join in their local area.

They can also provide information about a wide variety of epilepsy topics to anyone affected by epilepsy and signpost them to other agencies or health professionals to ensure they get the help and support they are looking for.

Epilepsy Scotland gives talks at schools across Scotland raising awareness of epilepsy among children of all ages.  These talks help teach children and young people about epilepsy to help them understand the condition at an early age. This awareness can reduce the stigma that epilepsy still has and the isolation that people with epilepsy experience. The talks are fun and interactive for children and the aims are to give children

  • better awareness of epilepsy
  • the skills to deal with seizures
  • understanding of the impact of epilepsy on a child’s life and lifestyle
  • an open and supportive attitude towards anyone with the condition

As a community and as a nation we should embrace epilepsy for what it is – a condition that involves the brain doing becoming too active, sparking some trigger(s) and causing a seizure. People with epilepsy have rights and have a right to be heard.

I’m passionate about Epilepsy Scotland because I know that the work they do is Very Important. I know what an epileptic person goes through day to day. I have experienced the highs and lows of epilepsy and how it can change your whole life and outlook. And I have heard many others on television and radio struggle with what they have to go through to get medication  and the consequences of doing so.   In addition to giving help, support and reassurance to people with epilepsy, Epilepsy Scotland also give a voice to people with epilepsy and help the people who look after them e.g. family and friends with guidance and information. They also educate the public about epilepsy including epilepsy in the workplace; what people with epilepsy’s rights are; and what we can do to make the country a better and safer place for people with epilepsy. So please donate to this charity, it doesn’t matter how big or small your donation is, all that matters is that you show your support and give generously.

Thank You,
Catherine Mercer

For more information about the charity visit

(Catherine Mercer is one of our Girls’ Brigade officers and a helper in our Junior Church)