Sunday Worship, 6th September 2020

On Sunday this week there are four ways that you can interact with us in worship and study:
1. Facebook Live Chat at 9:30am.  Neil will be live on Kintore Parish Church Facebook Page at 9:30am on Sunday morning for a pastoral catch-up chat.
2. Website Worship – A service of worship will go live on our website: at 10:00am on Sunday morning.  You can participate in it at any time after that as it will stay on the website.
3. Live Zoom Worship at 10:00am.  You are welcome to join us live for worship via Zoom at 10:00am. Here’s the link:

Meeting ID: 878 5078 4340
Passcode: 089329

4. Bible Chat at 7:30pm on Zoom.  Join us for an informal chat about the week’s Bible reading and message. Here’s the link:

Meeting ID: 829 9980 3377
Passcode: 028636

Sunday’s Message:

As Paul begins to draw his very long and complicated letter to the Romans to a close he offers his readers a number of summaries.  In our reading this week (Romans 13:8-14) Paul echoes Jesus’ summary of the law: “The commandments are summed up in this word: You shall love your neighbour as yourself.”  Paul wrote this at the end of a long and detailed (12 chapters!) discussion about the nature of law and grace, faith and holiness and after an arduous personal journey of faith that took him from being a young man zealous to hunt and punish those who broke any part of the law to becoming a sage willing to suffer hardship and prison for the sake of a gospel of grace.  I wonder what effect does Paul’s own story, experience and character have on how we hear the content of his message?  What implication does this have for how we “hear” the messages of our leaders?  What implications does this have for how others hear our message about Jesus?