Sunday Worship, 13th September 2020

On Sunday this week there are four ways that you can interact with us in worship and study:
1. Facebook Live Chat at 9:30am.  Neil will be live on Kintore Parish Church Facebook Page at 9:30am on Sunday morning for a pastoral catch-up chat.
2. Website Worship – A service of worship will go live on our website: at 10:00am on Sunday morning.  You can participate in it at any time after that as it will stay on the website.
3. Live Zoom Worship at 10:00am.  You are welcome to join us live for worship via Zoom at 10:00am. Here’s the link:

Meeting ID: 810 2319 1497

Passcode: 134838

4. Bible Chat at 7:30pm on Zoom.  Join us for an informal chat about the week’s Bible reading and message. Here’s the link:

Meeting ID: 862 9375 1800

Passcode: 242326

Sunday’s Message:

Matthew 18:21-35.  This week we’ll be talking about Justice and Mercy.  All Christian ethics can be traced back to the interaction between these two principles.  On the one hand, God’s people are always to be on the side of justice for the weak whether from below (joining the weak in their struggle for justice) or from above (exercising leadership that is just towards the weak).  This ethic demands that injustice be stopped and the unjust punished.  On the other hand, mercy demands forgiveness – even seventy times seven times!  How does God balance justice and mercy? How should we balance justice and mercy?