Messy September – Where I Belong

Where I Belong – Messy Church 20 September 2020

Messy Church Kintore turns 4 years old this month.
Happy Birthday, Messy Church!
And a HUGE “THANK YOU” to all the Messy Families, Messy Kids and Messy Volunteers for making Messy Church the wonderful place where we all get to feel like we belong and where we are reminded that there is space in God’s family for every one of us to belong.

This month there is a message from Neil, a story from Michael Rosen and a song for us to all sing along…

First of all a message from Neil:

In our story this month, from Michael Rosen, George finds out how good it is to make space for others to belong:

Jesus tells us that in God’s home there is space for everyone to belong. Nobody gets left out or left behind because Gos has the whole world in His hands.

To celebrate our 4th Birthday this month, many of our Messy Families took up the challenge to bake, decorate and eat some Messy Cup-Cakes. If you remembered to take a photograph of your cup-cakes before you ate them all, or shared them with a neighbour, then we’d love to see some of your pictures. Send them along to us via email or post them on the Kintore Messy Church Facebook Page.