Service of Thanksgiving and Remembrance, 1st November

NHS Grampian has recorded a virtual service of thanksgiving and remembrance that will be available at 3.00pm on Sunday 1st November . 

This service will last about 20 minutes, and it’s a service for people of all faiths and none. This event is usually held on the second Sunday in September, at Queen’s Cross Church – this year it has had to be different – after all, it has been a very different sort of year.  

The service isn’t specifically to remember people who have died from the Coronavirus – though it may include them, but it is to remember all our loved ones who died, of any cause, in any of the Grampian hospitals or units in this past year –  at Foresterhill, Dr Gray’s, Roxburghe House, Woodend Hospital, or any of the Community Hospitals.  

The centre-piece of the service is the lighting of twelves candles for each month of the year  by NHS Grampian staff members. Those watching at home will be invited to light a candle at home  to coincide with the month their loved one died.  

The service can be accessed in one of the following ways : 

The NHS Grampian website at 

(there will be details on this page on how to access the service) 


The NHS Grampian YouTube Channel at 


The NHS Grampian Facebook Page at