Kintore Parish Church, Sustainable Kintore

Climate change and the Church

Christine Meyer has written an article in Life and Work, calling on the Church to take action on climate change, and a beautiful prayer to help us focus on bringing this to God. This is being used as Tearfund’s prayer for the week. Thank you Christine.

‘Dear God,

Thank you for this world you have provided us with, Thank you for giving us the resources to protect the earth,Thank you for giving us the responsibility of looking after it.

Sorry that we have not taken care of the planet, Sorry that we have taken your creation for granted and have abused it beyond repair, Sorry that we as the church have struggled to take action.

Help us work together to care for your creation, Guide the church in leading climate justice before it’s too late, Open our eyes to this beautiful earth and help us appreciate the good we see in front of us.

Sorry for destroying your masterpiece, help us to love creation as you love us.


The link to the article is here: