Stewardship 2021

Stewardship 2021 & National Giving Day

Giving from our wealth – however much or meagre that wealth may be – is an act of worship to God.  One of the vows we make when we enter the faith is that we will “give a fitting proportion of our time, talents, and money for the Church’s work in the world.”  Above all, our giving is an act of thanksgiving for the countless gifts of love that we receive from God and it gives us a stake in the mission of redemption, reconciliation and transformation that Jesus is carrying out in the world through his Church.

This year there are two forms of giving we would like you to consider:  Planned Giving and National Giving Day.

National Giving Day

The Church of Scotland has challenged its members to participate in a National Giving Day during the months of September and October 2021.  At Kintore, we have chosen to focus on this initiative during our October Stewardship Month.  This initiative gives people an opportunity to reflect on God’s presence with us through these challenging times and to offer gifts of thanksgiving back to God.

Money received through this initiative will remain with participating congregations who will choose how to use these gifts. This money may be used to fund specific work, to launch a new project or simply to offset deficits, taking into account the challenging financial circumstances faced by many of our churches over the last year. Congregations can use the money locally or direct it towards projects at home or overseas, provided that it will be used in line with the charitable objectives of the Church.

How can I participate?  Either make a direct transfer to the church bank account (Email us to obtain account details) with the reference “NGD” or National Giving Day”; or place your special gift (cheque or cash) in an envelope clearly marked “National Giving Day” or “NGD” and place it in the plate on Sunday at the church during October or pop it through the door at the manse: 28 Oakhill Road, Kintore, AB51 0FH.

Planned Giving

To help the church budget responsibly, many members now give according to a system of planned giving by Standing Order or through Planned Giving Envelopes. 

If you are not already part of our Planned Giving scheme, please consider joining by filling out the Standing Order Mandate and sending the first page to your bank and the second page (which includes the option to add Gift Aid to your giving) to our Church Treasurer.  Alternatively you could request Planned Giving Envelopes by contacting our Church Secretary, Jane McIntosh, at

If you already give regularly via Planned Giving, please consider reviewing your level of giving.  If you decide to change the amount you currently give simply change your Standing Order or the amount you place in the envelopes.

How much should I give?  There is no set amount or percentage that we ask you to give.  Giving is a spiritual discipline and an expression of gratitude, it is not a membership fee.  I personally find it helps to think of my giving as a percentage of my income. This helps me to calculate a “fitting proportion” of my money to give and makes it easier to adjust my giving as my income increases or decreases over time.  Indeed, you may like to review what you feel is a “fitting proportion” to give or how your financial circumstances have changed since last you made a pledge and adjust your giving accordingly.