Messy Harvest – Foodbank

Messy Church – October
Harvest / Foodbank

This month we celebrate the Harvest.
We have food because the farmers work hard all year to produce it and God blesses the earth with rain and sunshine to make our food grow.
But some people don’t have food to eat every day.
The North Aberdeenshire Foodbank gets food to families and individuals who don’t have food to eat.
This week Tose visited the Foodbank in Inverurie. There he spoke to Marbeth who helps to run the Foodbank.
Tose learned a lot about the work of the Foodbank. Watch this video to see what he found out…

If you’d like to donate something to the Foodbank this month (October 2021), here is a list of the things they could really, really use…

Finally, here is a song that you can sing to thank God for all the good things He gives us: