Christian Aid Week 15th – 22nd May 2022

This year Christian Aid week runs from Sunday 15th May to Sunday 22nd May. This year’s focus is on Zimbabwe and of course we are fortunate in having Rev. Tose who will share his personal experience of being brought up in Zimbabwe at our special Christian Aid service on Sunday 15th May. 
Kintore has a history of wonderful generosity towards Christian Aid and hopefully this can continue despite the difficult world situation and cost of living crisis that we all face. Donation envelopes will be available at the service and on the following Sunday, but I have also set up an e-envelope for donations. Please click here to donate on-line. This will also be available on our Facebook page. The e-envelope worked very well last year but of course cash donations will also be very gratefully received. Val Reid will be happy to answer any queries. Thank you in advance.