Kintore Parish Church, Sustainable Kintore

Global Climate Justice

Those who have contributed the least to the Climate Crisis are being impacted the most. Sustainable Kintore seeks to raise awareness of this injustice and do our small bit to help. We are mainly doing this through supporting campaigns and awareness raising events led by Tearfund and Christian Aid.


You can find out more about Tearfund’s climate justice work by clicking here.

Tearfund Scotland’s Climate Champions Course

We will be attending Tearfund’s Climate Champions Course which runs from October to November this year. Spaces are still available and we would love you to join us – please email

Week 1 – 27 Oct: Theology

Our main speaker for week 1 is Dr Ruth Valerio, theologian and author, will give us a deeper theological framework that takes us through the issues we are looking at – environment, climate, social justice – and how they are woven and embedded right at the heart of the Bible and are not a separate theology. There will be time for a Q&A after. 

Week 2 – 3 Nov: Practical action

This week our main speaker is Laura Young, also known as Less Waste Laura, who is a Christian climate activist and ethical influencer. Laura will take us through what we can do practically within our churches and examples of what churches have done. There will be lots of time for questions. 

Hannah Bowring from Tearfund will also talk through the Climate Emergency Toolkit, which is a route map churches can follow on taking climate action. 

Week 3 – 10 Nov: Getting your church on board

Ian Wills, the lead pastor at Trinity Church Perth, is our third speaker on Thursday 10 November. Ian will talk us through what it is like from a church leader’s (and leadership team’s) perspective when members want to introduce new things at a church and how best to go about it. Or if a leader may be on board but feels that the wider congregation is not. (Obviously Ian will speak from his perspective – he cannot speak on behalf of all churches) There will be a Q&A afterwards. 

Christian Aid

You can find out more about Christian Aid’s climate justice work by clicking here.

We are encouraging people in Kintore to sign the Christian Aid Loss and Damage Petition. The petition message is to the UK Prime Minister, and calls for her to:

Push for the creation of a new international fund for climate-related loss and damage in 2022

Persuade other countries to support a loss & damage fund

Ensure the money in this fund reaches the poorest and most vulnerable communities