Update – 12 April 2020

Our featured image for this week’s update of our Five Missional Habits is a picture of the daffodils outside the home of our friend Mike Hoff who sadly passed away shortly before the lockdown started. We remember Mike, and all our friends who were not with us this Easter but whose hope, like ours, is in the Resurrection.

19/4/20   12 37    20     9  20    98  2,393

Blessed 2 people with flowers on doorsteps and sent 7 cards for various reasons/events.

Took part in the online coffee morning, and met up with my extended family on Video Messenger to celebrate my nephew’s 40th birthday with wine and food. Texted and Whatapped and called about 15 different friends.

Watched and listened to 6 of the Presbytery online reflections and 2 online services. Listened to Neil’s Facebook talks. 

Took part in Zoom Palm Sunday Bible study and read the 6 daily reflections on the website. Learned how to use Zoom for a Session Meeting! 

Sent friends a photo of the beauty of the local wood.

Spring flowers. 

The sound of birds in the stillness. 

The thoughtful links and messages sent by friends online.

Hearing and seeing Andrea Bocelli’s “Prayer” concert from the Milan Duomo.

Seeing photos of a farmer friend’s lambs

Watching Easter at Kings, Cambridge, thankfully recorded before lockdown.

Finding out that two friends have safely been delivered of baby sons during lock down.

The unexpected gift of bubble bath.

A deer bounding free.

The sound of a friend’s voice.

Baking left on the doorstep.

We have been blessed with some lovely weather this week and its nice to be out in the open even if its just a walk/bike or chipping in the garden.

Last weekend was very interesting and reflective given from a Christian perspective the weekend represented the risen Christ. A busy time normally for all denominations.

I did watch with interest the Popes address on Sunday from St Pauls. Having been in Rome back in early February and been at St Pauls during our travels. His message was about using the time to re group and to reflect on the need to be caring and considerate to fellow being. I also caught a bit of the Archbishop of Canterbury preaching from his Kitchen. Goodness me we do live in changing times.

I used yesterday to catch up with older friends in Kintore.

The story that caught my eye this week has been doing the rounds on several news programmes. Its very hard to escape the negative news productions just now, however we will call him Captain Fantastic ( Captain Moore), is 99 years old and lives in a home down south. He has had a recent hip op and has a bit of dementia yet he wanders about the garden with his zimmer frame to keep active. Anyway, along with his niece he decided to raise money for the NHS and started out with a goal of £1000 to walk 100 times round his garden. I saw the story on BBC news last Friday I think and he had raised £250000 !! I was listening to Chris Evans on the radio this morning and he announced that Captain Moore was now over £4 million. Incredible how people can find time to support good causes in challenging times.