Update – 26 June 2020

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Watching a busy bee visiting all the flowers in the small border.

Gazing in wonder, from the top of a hill, at the beauty of the patchwork of fertile fields.

The variety of birdsong.

The kindness of friends sharing things online.

Sent flowers to 2 friends who need cheering up.

The word Pentecost is Greek and means 50. (From a sermon by Markus Auffermann)

A Jewish genealogy usually lists only men apparently, but in Matthew’s record of Jesus’ ancestry both men and women are included. (From Jesus through Middle Eastern Eyes)

The joy of seeing family again outside in the garden!

Spotting an Orange Tip butterfly.

Enjoying seeing the horse chestnut ‘candles’.

Watching 2 red squirrels at play.

Seeing our Mum outside for a few minutes on her birthday.  (She wasn’t impressed by the no hugs).

Receiving a ‘thinking of you’ card in the post from friends.

Seeing a field of daisies and buttercups – a lovely reminder of childhood.

The understated beauty of the wild flowers of the wayside.

When Jesus calls Peter he reaches out by asking for help, not offering it.

The delight of sitting outside with family, even though a fleece is required!

Seeing faces on Zoom we know and love, and have missed.

Noticing beautiful foxgloves.

The worldwide response to racial injustice.

The fun of family time in the garden.

Noticing the wonderful variety of grasses in the uncut areas around.

The beauty of wild roses.